Pizza Cooking Class

Pizza Cooking Class

Pizza is absolutely the best known Italian food abroad together with pasta. Not for nothing, Pizza is the most famous Italian word in the world!
So what are you waiting for to learn the secrets to make a Pizza that will satisfy you, your friends and the people you love! You will learn from scratch how to create your own dough, how to bake it and how to make combinations of toppings; you will also always have the support of the Chef, who will help you even after class, even when you are at home!

To book Private Online Consultations (Skype, Zoom, etc.) contact us by email or whatsapp 


Pizza Cooking Class Calendar, to have more info and personalized Price and Deal contact me at +393382048378 or by email

Prices from 89 € per person for open group classes and 150€ for VIP Private/Business Classes
Discount for groups over 8 people

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